Consulting Services

Hixson Consultants, Inc. has experienced team members that address virtually every building science, installation and performance aspect of the building envelope or building enclosure. With our knowledge and services we assist a variety of client types. Our Clients have realized the value of our thorough review and comments on contract documents and shop drawing submittals for new and remedial construction, as well as our Quality Assurance Observations of work in progress for both new and remedial construction. Owner and property management clients have relied on our Condition Surveys to plan and budget short and long-range maintenance and capital expenditures on all aspects of the building envelope including low and steep slope roofing, coatings, below-grade waterproofing, sealants (caulking), EIFS, stucco, masonry, precast, metal panel, wood and cementitious siding and glazing systems.

Leak investigation and non-destructive moisture detection are services that we offer for existing facilities and parking decks. Moisture damage from rainwater and concealed condensation is not only irritating to a tenant or building Owner, but it is a real concern for preventing mold growth.

Recommendations for solving deficiencies follow our condition survey and especially our leak investigations. We work hard to present various options that accommodate budget and priorities. We are experienced in preparing remedial work bid documents for obtaining bids and for quality specialty contractors performing the remedial work.


Like our varied list of valued Clients, we offer services for many types of projects. For new construction and existing facilities, our project list includes commercial, institutional, religious, industrial, governmental, retail, multi-family, and high-end residential. Services to existing facilities include both modern and historic restorations.

We provide focused, customized seminars for all types of Clients. Because we work daily with problem solving, we are continuously learning what problems are prevalent, avoidable, and correctable. We take what we’ve learned over the years in existing problem diagnostics and apply that knowledge to avoiding problems. Property Managers and Owners benefit from our seminars about avoiding prevalent design and build problems, cost-saving maintenance and long-term high performance repairs and replacement options.

Applied Technical Services

New Construction

  • Proper Systems Recommendations for Pre-Bid
  • Review & Comment of Design / Development Drawings
  • Review & Comment of Project Specifications
  • True Value Analysis (not Value Engineering) for Optimal Value
  • Bid Review & Analysis for True Low Responsive Bidder(s)
  • Review & Comment of Shop Drawings & Other Submittals
  • Lead or Attend Pre-Installation Conferences
  • Meet with Manufacturer’s Representatives
  • Conduct or Observe Simple Hose and/or Chamber Water Testing Per AAMA Standards
  • Provide On-Site Quality Assurance Observation of Work in Progress
  • Provide Solutions

Exisiting Facilities / Restorations

  • Infrared Thermography Investigation of Roofs and Walls To Find Concealed Moisture
  • Historic and Modern Restoration Consulting Services
  • Investigate Causes for Moisture Damage, Including Mold
  • Remedial Work Recommendations and Budget Costs
  • Due Diligence / Condition Assessment and Report
  • Assist With Bid Procurement for Remedial Work
  • Write Specifications for Remedial Work
  • Generate CAD Drawings for Remedial Work
  • Provide On-Site Quality Assurance Observations
  • Provide Solutions

    Technical / Management Emphasis

    • Avoiding Prevalent Design and Build Moisture Problems
    • All Types of Roofing
    • Above and Below-Grade Waterproofing
    • Curtain Wall and Storefront Systems
    • Fenestration Selection: The Paneful Facts
    • Sealants / Coatings
    • Masonry, Precast, Stucco, EIFS Detailing and Construction
    • Concrete Repair and Coating
    • Proactive Construction Administration to Reduce Risk
    • Quality Assurance Testing
    • True Building Envelope Commissioning
    • Design, Construct and Quality Assurance of the Building Envelope
    • Building Envelope Performance Verification
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