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Ben T. Hixson

CCCA, CCS, CIT, Former IIBEC Professional Member, QCxP, BCxA

President, Principal, Roofing, Wall Systems, Waterproofing, Commissioning and Thermography


Mr. Hixson formed the applied technical resource consulting company Hixson Consultants, Inc., HCI, to provide expert roofing, architectural sheet metal, glazing, wall system and waterproofing consulting services to the total building envelope and to assist customers with Risk Management of their projects. Since 1975 Mr. Hixson’s experience in roof, wall and waterproofing condition analysis, life-cycle cost analysis, the selection of components and systems designed to remedy the causes for observed problems, budgeting, design, specifications and CAD detailing, superior repair techniques and critical path project management have benefited many Clients. Investigative surveys and new and existing facility projects have included below- grade waterproofing, plazas, masonry, precast, tilt wall, split-face brick and block, metal wall panels, terra cotta, stucco, DEFS, EIFS, balconies, terraces, parking decks, pools and fountains, and both flat and sloped roofing installations. He has considerable experience in architectural sheet metal, metal panel and single ply roofing, roof coating systems, cold process, peel and stick fully adhered, and torch-grade modified bitumen roofing.

Mr. Hixson earned a B.A. in Chemistry from Vanderbilt University in 1973 and is uniquely able to correlate product chemistry to predictable field performance. A formerly active member of the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC), he has earned all four of the Construction Specification Institute professional designations recognizing many years of construction experience and successful passage of technical proficiency exams. Mr. Hixson is also Technical Director for RoofScanIR, the roofing and building science training module for US and International students under United Infrared. He is an Affiliate of the International Sustainable Roofing and Waterproofing Alliance, former member of ASTM Chapter 60 on Sustainability, and current Director for the Southeast Chapter of the Building Commissioning Association (SERBCA).

Mr. Hixson has an unprecedented reputation, both regionally and nationally, for his expertise in solving design and construction challenges involving original design, construction and remediation issues. He works diligently to deliver cost effective services to HCI clients.

Tyler Hixson

CIT, IIBEC Professional Member, BECxP, CxA+BE

V.P. of Operations

Senior Project Consultant, Certified Infrared Thermographer


Joining HCI full-time in 2002, Mr. Hixson leads a team that helps assist large commercial property Owners and management groups with asset improvements and Total Building Envelope Services. Tyler directs both our Non-destructive Thermographic (Infrared) and Dielectric Capacitance Wall and Roofing Concealed Moisture Detection surveys. He has extensive specification and bid package creation experience and is a key individual in HCI’s Quality Assurance program. He oversees Testing and Quality Assurance Monitoring for specialty Contractor compliance with specifications and details, and in keeping with generally accepted good industry practice for the full building envelope and parking structures. He has an extensive background with roofing, cladding and coatings systems, concrete repair, sealant condition observation, discovery, and reporting. Tyler has substantial firsthand experience with Waterproofing Systems for all façades, especially high-rise office structures and parking structures.

Tyler’s hands-on experience is enhanced by comprehensive industry training – including multiple University of Madison, Wisconsin Engineering School specialty classes and certifications, IIBEC (formerly RCI) Institute symposiums on Low-Slope Roofing Systems, Water Entry Prevention / Moisture Control, Environmental Sustainability / LEED and Fundamentals to Field Application: Issues of Wind and Moisture; and training by American Council of Governmental Industrial Hygienists and the National Association of Mold Professionals. He is also an approved metal panel roofing inspector.

Tony Wright

IIBEC Professional Member

Senior Project Consultant, Roofing, Wall Systems, Waterproofing and Thermography


Working in the Roofing, Waterproofing and Architectural Sheet Metal contracting business since 1977, Mr. Wright started in his families’ business as a roofing laborer. Over the years, his career evolved to Owner and Principal of a full-service roofing / waterproofing company serving the governmental, commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-family residential markets. Tony earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with an emphasis on construction from Auburn University. Involvement with small building additions to multiple facility large manufacturing plant construction afforded him a unique opportunity to accumulate a considerable wealth of experience with successful construction detailing, management and administration.

Tony is well-known for his commitment to quality assurance and proving high quality installations begin with preconstruction that includes proper flashing and component interface design and delivery. He has earned a strong reputation for attention to detail and leadership that resonates well with our Clients and HCI’s core values. Tony joined HCI as a Senior Consultant in 2005 and quickly established himself as an indispensable member of the HCI family.

Tyler Mayhew

CxA + BE, BECxP, CIT, CEI-TN, IIBEC Professional Member


Mr. Mayhew received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Agricultural Technologies Systems Management from North Carolina State University. Mr. Mayhew worked in the building envelope and environmental consulting industry for five years with an engineering firm in Raleigh, NC and Nashville, TN as a Regional Project Manager for the Southeast. His experiences cover document review, roofing assessments and assurance observations, waterproofing assessments and specialty testing, glazing system assessments and specialty testing, façade evaluations and property condition assessments.

Tyler was a Corporate Safety Officer for the previous firm and has 10- and 40-hour HAZWOPER certifications and is one of two certified EIFS inspectors by AWCI in the State of Tennessee. Tyler grew up around construction, working for commercial General Contractors and Subcontractors. His father has been a General Contractor for 37 years. Firsthand experience in the construction field made him realize the importance and value of consulting, commissioning, and performance testing. Tyler assists large commercial property Owners and management groups with asset improvements and Total Building Envelope Services.

Shane Muncy

IIBEC Professional Member, BECxP, CxA+BE

Roofing Consultant

Shane Muncy

Working as a Manager in the Commercial Roofing and Architectural Sheet Metal Industry since 1993 has garnered Mr. Muncy vast exposure and extensive knowledge of the industry. During his tenures as Project Manager / Estimator with the third and fifth largest Roofing Contractors in the U.S., he has been involved with numerous large projects with the Departments of the Army and Navy, Universities and several School Districts, unique Multi-story Office Buildings, Complex High-rise Hotels, Multi-family Complexes, Industrial Warehouses, Retail Developments, Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities.

Mr. Muncy brings decades of successful projects, meeting and exceeding Client expectations. This experience enables Shane to accurately assess project envelope needs and communicate them to all parties.

Alex Murrell

IIBEC Professional Member, BECxP, CxA+BE

Senior Technician

Alex hails from the United Kingdom where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering. He emigrated to the United States in 2015 to obtain a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University. He entered the Construction Industry as a Materials Testing Technician for concrete and soils, earning multiple certifications in the process.

Shortly after, Alex transitioned to Building Envelope testing and consulting services where he was the sole operative of the Nashville branch of a southeast firm. His responsibilities covered waterproofing assessments and specialty testing, roofing assessments and quality assurance observations, Fenestration and glazing quality assurance observations and specialty testing. He was involved in large scale projects such as the BNA Nashville Airport expansion and the Four Seasons Luxury Hotel and Condos.

Alex implements the testing for façade, coatings, roofing, and water testing for the HCI team. Industry training and certifications are enhancing his knowledge as he works toward obtaining Consultant status.

Wesley Paul

IIBEC Professional Member


After earning his BA from the University of Alabama, Wesley worked as Operations Manager of a Leasing Company in Kansas City, MO. Having grown up around the construction industry, he brought his knowledge to HCI in 2021. Wesley performs vapor pressure and thermal gradient calculations to identify where condensation potential exists and the approximate location in roofing and wall assemblies. He assists in spray wand, spray bar and chamber water pressure testing of Fenestration units. Wesley also performs thermal imaging of roofing and wall installations to detect thermal patterns indicative of concealed moisture, damaged and missing installation, and incorrect mechanical attachments. His hands-on experience is being enhanced by industry training and certifications.

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