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We are an applied technical building envelope consulting services company dedicated to assisting Owners, Developers, Property Managers, Construction Managers, General Contractors and Architects with the design, build and ownership of a watertight structure with minimal expected maintenance. Our consultants work as an experienced and knowledgeable team to assist clients to identify and remedy potential and active sources for objectionable water entry. With accurate building science, we can offer cost effective “rifle approach” solutions and provide quality assurance during implementation.

The HCI Building Envelope Team shares your goals of delivering long lasting value to the Building Owner with minimal risk of moisture intrusion and damage. We identify and enable quality fabrication and installation, utilizing both adequate initial communication and diligent follow-up to enable specialty subcontractors to implement optimal cost, quality and schedule throughout every project

Ideally, the consultant’s services should enhance and build trust between the Owner, Program Manager, Construction Manager, Architect, General Contractor, and the specialty contractor team. Consulting is more than a single event or activity; consulting is an attitude of seeking to best serve the Owner by optimizing project quality and schedule within the stated cost parameters. Misunderstandings and difficulties should be worked through with a team spirit moving toward common goals.

We live and work in a very busy and often hectic construction industry. Many people are not ready for a real heartfelt emphasis on quality, doing something right the first time, period. Persistent effort on the part of the consultant will be required to build trust, to communicate genuine concern, and to demonstrate that adhering to an emphasis on quality has immediate benefits and really makes a lasting difference. Professional consultants desiring to build long-term mutually satisfactory relationships make every effort to get on the Owner’s, Program Manager’s, Architect’s, Construction Manager’s, General Contractor’s and the specialty subcontractor’s wavelength, to speak their language, and to share what works and what doesn’t work in an effective manner.

Clients Served

Owners / Developers

Owner clients range from those occupying their building to those with part time outside management firms. We particularly enjoy the challenge of helping an Owner solve problems with their roofs, walls, glazing, windows, doors, storefronts and curtain walls in a manner that is cost efficient with long-term expected performance. We avoid the costly “shotgun-approach” that always gravitates to complete tear-outs, tear-offs and replacements, when other options are feasible. This is only one example where our services can pay, not cost, when the combination of our fees and remedial construction work is less than a total replacement approach. Owners benefiting from our services include: universities, hospitals, banks, county and city schools, military facilities, state, county and city governments, commercial, retail, condominium associations, industrial, churches and synagogues.

HCI’s “rifle-approach” remedial and replacement recommendations have saved Owners tremendous sums when compared with more costly “shotgun-approach” options. Accurate condition discovery leads to project specific recommendations to create or to restore the desired watertight facility. We also provide educational technical seminars to help keep Owner decision-makers current with building science concepts affecting their facilities. Owners / Developers hire us for water testing installations and for infrared surveys. Developers, with their inherent interest in quality, schedule, and cost, have benefited from our services in the same manner as other Owner clients.

Property Managers

Like conventional Owners, our property management clients are interested in long-term performance of their facilities, and are responsible for the on-going cost and effectiveness of maintenance and major expenditures like re-roofing and re-glazing. Our services include leak investigation, condition surveys, and solutions to a variety of deficiency and deterioration problems on their building exteriors. We also provide seminars to property managers and their facility engineering and maintenance staffs.

Property Managers also appreciate HCI’s ability to economically present the most cost effective solutions for moisture problems. Additionally, Property Managers consistently benefit from HCI’s quality assurance monitoring of the work to completion.

General Contractors / Construction Managers

HCI is hired to reduce risk of water intrusion and to offer cost effective recommendations for real world constructability. For new construction and existing facilities, we offer a variety of services ranging from review and comment on architectural specifications, plans, elevations and details, shop drawing and submittal review to quality assurance site visits monitoring system installations. The subcontractors are sometimes not as skilled as in past years and with the tighter building construction and the vast amount of products available for construction, this combination may cause some significant installation problems. Our Services are extremely economical compared to the cost of remediating water damage and mold. Contractors see us as a part of a successful team effort to finish new projects on time and in a quality manner.

Because the Project Managers and Superintendents have so many tasks, several General Contractors have hired HCI to present training seminars covering the many aspects of constructing the building enclosure. General Contractors also hire HCI for water testing doors and windows and flood testing plazas, terraces, parking decks and roofs. Our infrared thermography surveys for suspected moisture can protect the building enclosure performance integrity.


For new construction, we are very effective for the team when we have the opportunity to review and offer comments on Design and Development phase plans, elevations, drawings and specifications. Our involvement should make the designer’s job easier, so we work hard to be a valued resource of the team. Our experience is very focused and we expect to help reduce risks for the designer and Owner on every project. Many Architects have also used us for site condition discovery and remedial recommendations, reviewing shop drawing submittals, assisting with pre-installation meetings, for making on site Q/A observations and for assisting with substantial completion inspections. All of these tasks are geared to reducing risks while increasing the opportunity for a successful project.

Architects hire HCI consultants to perform infrared thermography and dielectric capacitance moisture meter surveys to detect concealed moisture and to document its locations. HCI’s water hose testing and chamber water pressure testing of windows, storefronts and curtainwalls has proven beneficial with early detection of problematic installations and faulty systems.


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